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Microblading FAQ 

What is microblading? 

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure for eyebrows, similar to tattooing, that uses a specialized, handheld tool to create the appearance of hairstrokes on the brow line. These hairstrokes imitate real eyebrow hairs, creating the appearance of thicker, fuller brows.  

How Does it Work? 

Microblading is the process of making lots of tiny, superficial cuts in the brow line, which are then filled in with pigments to create darker, fuller brows. Microblading is also used to reshape the brow. It can fill in thinning arches, or create the perfect tapering effect. Thanks to a specially designed hand tool, microblading can create hair-thin cuts that mimic the shape of real eyebrows. The added control offered by the instrument means a more refined, natural looking brow. With microblading, however, the results are nearly indistinguishable from real eyebrows. 

How long does the procedure take? 

The procedure can take up to three hours. 

This is because there are several stages involved in microblading. The desired shape, arch, and thickness of the brows have to first be outlined and drawn in before the actual microblading can begin. This is to ensure that things look exactly the way you want them to. It’s a delicate process that requires precision and attention to detail. 

Does it hurt? 

With the use of topical anesthetics (a topical numbing cream) to ease discomfort, most clients report little to no pain. 

What Happens After? 

You should avoid getting your brows wet for about a week. You’ll want to use an antibiotic ointment for the first 24 hours after treatment, and then Vaseline or a similar ointment for the following week. Avoid using any products with glycolic acid on your brows, as this can fade the pigment. Your brows will look much darker at first, but some of that color will fade after a week or so. 

How long is the healing process? 

Entire healing process will take from 4-6 weeks depending on your body’s regeneration ability and your age. 

True or False: No working out for 7 to 10 days afterwards. 

True! You absolutely must avoid heavy physical activity, excess sweating, and extreme heat for five to seven days after your procedure. Light exercise and minimal sweating is okay but you’ll have to clean your eyebrow area immediately after. The salt in sweat can actually fade the pigment resulting in less color retention. 

 Are there any skincare products I need to stay away from during the healing process? 

During the healing process, you do not want to use any acne cleansers because they typically have salicylic acid and glycolic acid in them, which can compromise your pigment and color retention. 

How long does the semipermanent pigment last? 

One to three years with proper follow-up visits. 

Do you have any follow-up visits? If so, how many? 

Following your first session, it’s required to get a touch up within 6 to 8 weeks. This is to ensure that your eyebrows healed properly and to refine and darken any pigment in any places that need perfecting. Any follow-ups after the first one depends on your personal preference and depends how sharp and defined or soft and natural you want your eyebrows to look. 

Will microblading stop my natural eyebrow hair growth? 

When done correctly, microblading should not go into the dermis layer of the skin, which is where the growth of the hair follicle exists. So as long as you’re working with a skilled professional artist, then microblading should not harm affect regular hair growth at all. 

How is microblading different to eyebrow tattooing? 

Microblading is a NOT an eyebrow tattoo! This is a newer procedure that uses semi-permanent ink and is done closer to the surface of the skin, so it is not a forever-tattoo and will fade over time. Microblading is becoming more popular because it creates more of a natural, fuller, brush-stroke look that many women strive for. Eyebrow tattoos tend to give more of a filled in, solid line type of look, while microblading creates the look of detailed, individual hairs. 

Is it safe for all skin types? 

Absolutely! The only contradiction that would keep you from being a candidate is if you had a compromised eyebrow area like sunburn, dermatitis or on Accutane [can’t for 12 months because it thins the skin] or getting chemotherapy. Can slow down healing process and comprises your healing process. As a precaution, if you are pregnant or nursing, you cannot be microbladed. Anyone with liver disease is at a higher risk for infection. 

What is the minimum age? 

You must be 18 years of age or older. 

Can I get microblading for my eyebrows while pregnant? 

Although there is no research to suggest this procedure would be detrimental, unfortunately you cannot have this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  You must wait 6 months after delivery & 6 months after nursing (no exceptions).