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Eyelash Extensions


Mink lashes - softer, natural look, & last longer

Medical grade adhesive - applied to individual eyelash    extensions.    

  • Single strands of Synthetic or faux mink lashes               applied one-by-one to your individual eyelashes        
  • Semi-permanent eyelashes that last indefinitely with touch-ups every 2 to 3 weeks. It's equivalent to going to the hair or nail salon for a touch-up service.
  • Looks natural and feel weightless. 
  • Painless procedure takes 90 to 150 minutes as you             relax with your eyes closed.              
  • Water resistant - shower or swim worry free.               
  • Lengthens and thickens - no need of mascara.        
  • Different curvatures - no need to curl them.
  • Available in hundreds of beautiful colors.


Refills For All Lashes: 

$55 up to 60 min.

$15 for additional 15 min.

Additional $20 for 3HD Lashes (wider/lighter,  last longer, appears darker/fuller, & gives the allusion of a liner on the eye). 

VOLUMIZING additional $30

*Must have 50% of lashes remaining. It is recommended to get refills every 2 to  3 weeks*

  after 3 weeks or 21 days an addition charge of $20 will apply or apply a new set.

*$25 Make-up Removal 

Glamorous (full set/Classic)    $275    1 hr.

Your Advance Certified Stylist will customize the right fit for you!

This set is just right for those who want to enhance their beautiful eye.  Length, curvature, and a little volume will create a natural look.



                                  Spotlight   $325      1   1/2 hr.

Your Advanced Certified Eyelash Stylist will customize your lashes with your request in mind.  This application is the maximum amount of thickness available in a the next step up from the Basic Classic (Glamorous) standard (non volume) lash application. 

                                                                                                      This look comes in a variety of lengths (long & shorter)






$375      1 hours 45 mins.

Creates a Younger Sexier & more Beautiful look! 

Dramatic yet natural. 



Beautiful daring lashes. over 100 different color to choose from.

Add highlights to the lashes!



1/2  Hours   Price varies

Applied by your Advance Certified in Volumizing Lash Stylist.

Volumzing - adding multiple light weight eyelash extensions to one single natural eyelash to create depth, volume, and texture. This technique creates a Beautiful Natural  FULL Look!


Flare Lashes  $30
Strip Lashes   $10

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